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Lovers’ Sanctuaries

What Are Lovers’ Sanctuaries?

On April 1, 2006, the Area Activation Supporting Center (A.A.S.C.) has started the process of selecting the most romantic spots to propose from among scenic sites across the nation and designated these locations as “Lovers’ Sanctuaries.” The scheme is aimed at creating new tourist attractions by disseminating information. At the same time, the Center is planning to revitalize local communities through inter-regional cooperation. As of October 2014, a total of 129 spots have been registered as Lovers’ Sanctuaries all over Japan including the Toyomatsu Paper Airplane Tower in Jinseki Kogen-cho. Moreover, unique attractions for loving couples are offered at the six shops supporting the Lovers’ Sanctuary core facilities at Toyomatsu and Kounbotoke. We hope you will visit Jinseki Kogen-cho with your sweetheart on a date.

The Best Three Spots Recommended for Loving Couples

The First
Offer Your Prayers with a Heart-Shaped Votive Picture Tablet

Make a wish and fling up a heart-shaped votive picture tablet with your sweetheart at Ko’un-botoke (Matchmaking Buddha of Good Fortune). Your wish may be granted if the tablet falls with the front side (the surface on which the picture is drawn) facing up. Even if it falls with back side facing up, you may still fulfill you wish if you hang the tablet on the wall.

The Second

Get a “lovecopter,” which is a flying omikuji (fortune-telling paper strip), at Ko’un-botoke. Try your luck by flying it from the Paper Airplane Tower. If it flies far beyond the premises, you will surely have better fortune! If it falls inside the premises, tie the lovecopter to the wish tree to make your wish come true.

The Third
Fairy Tale Experience

If you’d like to spend time leisurely with your sweetheart, visit Mori-no-Hanayasan (Florist in the Woods), a café / märchen studio. Enjoy special tea containing whole fresh fruits in a quiet corner surrounded by lovely pretty items related to fairy tales.

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