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The Jinseki Kogen Hometown Tourism Promotion Council offers extracurricular programs for elementary school pupils as well as junior high and high school students.

Peace Education

“Black Rain” by Masuji Ibuse is set in the Kobatake district of Jinseki Kogen-cho. With a guide, the participants will visit the actual places depicted in this novel based on documentary records and learn the importance of peace.

Activity duration 2 hours
Fees Free for participants from elementary, junior high & high schools.
(Schools will be requested to print the documentary record data transferred from the Council.)
Parking A motor coach can park near the facilities.
(No dedicated parking lot is available.)

At “Shimari” Community Center for History and Culture, a lecture will be given by a guide based on the documentary records kept after “Black Rain” had been written.

Led by the guide, the participants will take a tour of the area around the Town Hall which was depicted by Ibuse. There is a stone monument commemorating “Black Rain” at Tsutsuji-ga Oka (Azalea Hill) Park.


This program is designed to offer farming experience in the Arugi district of Nagano-mura by staying at simple lodging facilities that use closed school buildings. We are now preparing for this stay & experience program through cooperation with local villagers. Please check with the Council for fees and other details.

Spring Rice and sweet potato planting, sowing vegetable seeds, etc.
Summer Harvesting summer vegetables and corn
Fall Harvesting sweet potatoes, rice, etc.

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